Grantham University Supports Harry W. Colmery for Presidential Medal of Freedom

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A Look at the Past
Harry W. Colmery was an American who vowed to serve the Army in 1917. Promoted to the rank of first lieutenant he served as a captain for ten years. He returned to practice law and in order to stay connected with his fellow people, he joined the American Legion. After being elected National Commander in 1936, Colmery became passionate to serve the Legion and his veteran Americans.

Gathering Up
Colmery was worried about the circumstances dawning with the close of the Second World War and thought that it was imperative to take some action. Colmery drafted the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act in 1944 famously known as the G.I. Bill after a session of rigorous debate and discussion. The bill proved to be an immense help to the returning veterans of World War II.

The Bill that Mattered
The G.I. Bill was a part of the post world war legislation. The benefits that it gave included ‘low cost mortgages, to interest loans or starting business, cash payments as well, living expenses and unemployment compensation’. These benefits were available to all veterans who had served in the army for a period of ninety days. The bill was a success since it allowed veterans to attend colleges and universities.

Grantham University
Grantham University is located in Kansas and provides online degree programs, and was founded in 1951. The University supports Harry W. Colmery for the Presidential Medal of Freedom taking note of his good works in drafting of a bill that helped a large number of war veterans achieve their educational dreams. Grantham University is launching a campaign to nominate him for the greatest civilian honor our nation has to offer.

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What the Bill Helped Achieve
With 2.6 million veterans preparing to enter the army and lots of war like situations developing the G.I. Bill finds its significance in the life of all veterans. The American dream has always been one of progressing towards higher education. The G.I Bill has helped take a step forward towards it. The university believes that with the implementation of such a revolutionary idea Colmery deserves not just the nation’s highest honor but much more.

For the Highest Award
The nation’s highest civilian award today is the Presidential Medal of Freedom started initially by President Truman in 1945 to honor all those who served the nation diligently at the time of war. Almost 500 people have already received the medal for their excellent service and have worked for national interest of the United Nations.

Need for Support
The support that the University is providing to Harry W. Colmery's accomplishments and contributions is only a start. Support is needed from those whom believe Colmery should be recognized for his unselfish contribution to making the G.I. Bill a reality.. To send your letter in support of Colmery being posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, go here: 

Talking about the Significance
The bill is said to have been drafted by Colmery at Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. The G.I. Bill has been indicated to be one of the most important and significant pieces of legislation existing in the country. Colmery could anticipate the state of a war veteran once the war ends and the turmoil he has to face all his life thereafter. 

Humanity Face to Face
The move taken by Colmery was one that embraced humanity and sent aloud the message that selfless service stands above all other passions. By thinking for his fellow soldiers and servicemen and women, Colmery ensured a secure place for himself in the hearts of all fellow countrymen. His work definitely should be recognized and the measures taken by the Grantham University should also be supported.

Where There is Light There is Darkness
The Bill faced some opposition on the grounds that the “military service should be an obligation for citizens and not a basis of obtaining benefits”. However, if everybody thought on the same lines then the world would be a very selfish place to live. People like Colmery are less on the Earth but since they still exist it becomes a duty to honor them for thinking about others.

The bill sponsored the lives of innumerable soldiers and helped sustain their educational pursuits. Any step towards humanity should be welcome. Colmery should be posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



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