www.Grantham.edu participates in Heart of America Stand Down in Kansas City

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World War II veteran, Donald Grantham, returned home in 1951 from the South Pacific and founded the institution with the goal of providing education opportunities to his fellow veterans returning home from war. Over six decades later, Grantham University continues to proudly serve the academic needs of those who serve our great nation by providing high-quality, professionally relevant degree programs that are both affordable and accessible worldwide.

Grantham’s sixty three year commitment to America’s men and women in uniform is evidenced by the fact that today the University is ranked as a “Top 10” degree granting institution serving the unique academic needs of learners from the military community including active duty, National Guard, Reserve, Ready Reserve and veterans alike.

Giving back is an integral part of Grantham’s mission and thus our commitment to students and staff alike.  To that end Grantham employees have the opportunity, in addition to regular paid vacation, to take one additional paid day off annually to volunteer for a community organization of their choice. A large number of Grantham University staff use this paid day off to volunteer at the annual Heart of America Stand Down in Kansas City, Missouri.  With an estimated 2,000 homeless veterans in the greater Kansas City area, the Stand Down provides assistance with medical, substance abuse, legal issues, taxes, housing, counseling, and haircuts.

Grantham University has a rich history of service to America's veterans. You can learn more by listening to the Mp3 story file at: 




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