Grantham University’s curious look at Cobra Pit Cleaner vs Tower Climber

  • Author: Rebbeca Espinossa-Fulgham
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Grantham University's "Ever Wonder" Series explores modern cultural curiosities, and asks viewers to compare and decide which of the presented examples are more interesting.


Both of the jobs you are about to witness are, indeed, very scary and make your stomach flutter with anxious butterflies. Imagine having a part-time job as a snake cage cleaner where you just pick up cobra's all day, toss them aside, and clean up their mess. Or imagine having a job that entails that you climb to the very top of the transmission tower to make the appropriate adjustments it requires. That is one very high and long climb into the sky.

‘Cobra Pit Cleaner' is the first scary job we see. The video shows us a man who picks up several cobra snakes and tosses them aside so that he can sweep up the snakes mess and keep their cage clean. At the end of the scene we actually can hear one of the snakes that he picks up hiss at him, while he is looking the snake directly in the face and then tosses him aside so casually. All we can say is “yikes!” 'Tower Climber' is it an incredibly scary feat that requires the worker to climb over 2,000 feet to reach the top of the transmission tower, in order to work on it. We definitely wouldn't want to make a misstep anywhere on this tower's climb or it could be fatal. Viewers loved the skit and started uploading their own renditions by the thousands!

In this episode, ‘Cobra Pit Cleaner vs Tower Climber’, we ask the question, 'Which job was the most dangerous?'

Watch, decide and comment below!



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