Grantham University's Curious Look At Alien Walker vs Porto John Costume

  • Author: Rebbeca Espinossa-Fulgham
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Grantham University's "Ever Wonder" Series explores modern cultural curiosities, and asks viewers to compare and decide which of the presented examples are more interesting.

In this interesting episode we see two performers in very unique costume with the goal of shocking the public with their grotesque and highly unusual appearances. Since ancient Greek times people have been dressing up as strange characters, odd goblins, and creatures of various backgrounds and imaginations, in order to shock and entertain the public. This is a timeless tradition.

The ‘Alien Walker' is named after a costume that was created by some very imaginative individuals that truly demonstrates the stride, the movement, and overall demeanor of an alien character we might see in a science-fiction movie. It is shocking and grotesque just like ‘Porto John’, who is sitting on a toilet seat in a “port-o-potty” that someone is holding up off the ground. These personal interpretations and re-enactment are subjective and creative in nature and prod the viewer to question how in origination of such a mental oddity came about in the first place. Viewers loved the skit and started uploading their own renditions by the thousands!

In this episode, ‘Alien Walker vs Porto John’, Grantham University asks the question, 'Which costume is the best?'

Watch, decide and comment below!


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