Grantham University's Improved YouTube Channel

  • Author: Rebbeca Espinossa-Fulgham
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Hello Grantham University fans. I was taking a look at GU's YouTube channel over the weekend and noticed that their channel has been greatly improved.

They have redesigned the channel art and added some great new content. One of their new features is a talk show called, "Talk of the Talon". The first episode was hosted by Jon Green and Eric Sorrento and focused on the 5 ways to fail a job interview. For convenience, I have re-posted it below:

Also, Chase Cookson, Grantham University Faculty at its Mark Skousen School of Business, discusses the benefits of a Masters Degree in Business for maximizing your potential.  For convenience, I have re-posted it below:

I hope you will check out Grantham University's YouTube makeover and if you need counseling
related to advancing your educational goals, please visit Grantham online at: or call
toll free 888-947-2684


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