Grantham University Fan Club Mourns Passing of GEC Board Member Gene Jewett

  • Author: Rebbeca Espinossa-Fulgham
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GEC Board Member Gene Jewett

The Grantham University Fan Club is deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of Eugene ‘Gene’ A. Jewett on Feb 16, 2013. Gene was seventy two years old.

Since 2001, Gene served as a Board of Directors associate for GEC, the financial sponsor of Grantham University. Gene was a partner of Chesapeake Capital, LP, and was instrumental in arranging the equity funding for GEC. Prior to joining GEC’s Board in 2001, Mr. Jewett was a registered representative with the brokerage firm of Bellamah, Neuhauser and Barrett, Inc.

Gene was a leader and early investor of online education. He was convinced that leveraging technologies across the university business would result in a top quality university education that could be both available and affordable to America's middle class.

Gene was highly respected for his foresight and views on the importance of distance learning, Mr. Jewett was also known for his deep integrity, kindness and never-ending desire to help others through high-quality, accessible and affordable college education.

He received his bachelor of arts degree from Michigan State University, where he played college basketball. He later played pro ball before the NBA was formed. In addition to being an excellent athlete, Mr. Jewett was a talented composer, musician and author, who wrote countless book reviews and articles. He was also a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, mentor, great friend and all-around Renaissance man. 'Gene's passing marks a sad time for the University,' said Grantham University President Joseph McGrath. 'We will honor him by continuing in our mission to provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs to working adult students around the world.'

Gene, who resided in Old City Alexandria, Virginia, is survived by two sons, Fletcher and Eugene (Lyon), two grandsons, Hunter and Finley, two granddaughters, Chanler and Jacki, and daughter-in-law Annie.
'Gene was very insightful and had a crystal ball for waves of the future. This was exemplified with his support for Grantham as he was a pioneer in predicting online universities would have a significant role in education in this country. This has definitely come to pass and will continue to grow.' - Cliff Stearns, Sr. Former U.S. Representative for Florida's 6th Congressional District for 24 years



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