The Holidays are a very special time, even when you are far from home!

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The Holidays are a very special time. Many of Grantham University's students and alumni are deployed in foreign combat theaters, and not able to be with their family during the Holidays. Under these conditions, it can be very hard to get into the Holiday spirit.

But there some simple things you can do to generate some holiday cheer wherever you are. Making things look a little festive, is a great way to get in the mood. A few multi-colored lights and a small tree, and playing some carols. My favorite way is to participate in a meaningful gifting project for Children. One of our favorites is "Toys For Tots". This year, Grantham University gathered enough gifts to help almost 800 children. This is a fantastic thing to do, and it prepares your heart for the meaning behind the Holidays, that we all hold so dear.

The Holidays are a very special time, even when you are far from home!

And the next best way to celebrate the magic of this season, after giving, is to get out and mingle with others! You can enjoy the season, by spreading your own holiday cheer. A little music, and some dancing under the mistletoe with someone special, is another charming way to celebrate. If you are separated from your significant other and children, then get them on Skype or another video chat service and open presents together, sing and just be creative. You don’t need a lot to get in the mood. Nothing can erase the fact that you are away from your loved ones during the Holidays, but by making the best of it, so you can preserve that special time for all. Another thought is to write to those you are separated from. Email is fine, but there is something magical about getting a handwritten letter from far away.  

Scott says that when he was deployed, he would invite over some friends for a festive movie night. They would Pop up some popcorn, grab the goody packs sent from home that were stuffed full of homemade cookies and fudge, and pass them around so everyone could share. There was always someone's grandmother who would make a special batch of cookies for the whole platoon! This was one way to guarantee attendance for the festive movie night!

Some of my favorite movies for a Holiday Movie Night are:

1. Elf which is a fun movie. This Elf really knows how to bring some laughs and enjoyment to this season. The Snowball fight is my favorite scene.
2. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Great movie about me bringing our fun traditions to the Martians. Its never been the same since on Mars.

3. A Christmas Story It's a classic and one of my personal favorites. Love Ralphie's quest to get a Red Ryder B B Gun!

4. Christmas Vacation It's just so funny. The lights is my favorite part. Mr Griswold really goes all out. If you're a little down, this is a good one to watch.

5. The Polar Express A delightful feel good movie, if you just want to get in touch with your inner child.

We also like "Gag-Gifting" and then sharing some funny gift stories about any crazy gifts you got. I once for the holidays got a pair of two right shoes. I’m serious I did. I didn't realize it and couldn't figure out why the one shoe didn't fit. All of us at sometime, have gotten gifts, that were re-gifted. Yep its happened to me. The person who gave the gift that was re-gifted always gives you that awkward look when you say, “Hey uh how come your name is on this gift?” These are great stories to talk about, and another fun way to enjoy the season.

Whatever you do, whether its a little tree trimming, doing some fun caroling, sharing a toy with a child that would otherwise do without, watching festive movies, Gag-Gifting or telling crazy re-gifting stories; simply share this very special Holiday Season with someone special in your life.

Happy Holidays from the
Grantham University Fan Club &
Santa Clausia Becky 
and her trusty elf Scott Lotz!


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