Grantham University's 'Show Us Your Ink' Facebook Contest

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Grantham University's 'Show Us Your Ink' Facebook Contest
So we hope all of our GU Fan Club fans are following the exciting Grantham University "Show Us Your Ink" Facebook Contest. The link is:

Although GU won't disclose the actual game being awarded as the prize, Scott and I think that it has to be Call of Duty Black Ops II. Its the only game that makes sense. So we drew the above art to portray what we think is the logical prize. If we are wrong, please don't be mad at us!

You need to hurry and enter to win because the deadline for entries is 12 noon CDT on Saturday, Nov. 10.

GU will announce two winners (one for best tattoo, one for best story). The winners will receive a copy of the awesome first-person shooter video game that's due out in stores Nov. 13

You can read more about it here:[TGIF%3A%20Have%20a%20Tattoo%3F]

So what do you do if you don't have a tattoo? Get one of course. It is never too late! Just keep your submissions family appropriate.

You can see a video preview on YouTube here:

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