Suggested Entertainment Before Grantham University Graduation Ceremony

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Suggested Entertainment Before Grantham University Graduation Ceremony

So if you are like most Grantham University graduates preparing for tomorrows ceremony, there is no way you’re going to be able to sleep tonight. Puki and I certainly understand.

So to keep you cerebrally challenged and entertained, we suggest that you cruise on over to the Tim-Tang-Test found at

If you’re not familiar with it, let’s just say that it has a reputation of being the longest and hardest online puzzle in the world. It has an amazing 250 levels! They claim almost four million people have attempted the test, and only 114 people have made it past the halfway mark. No one has ever come close to finishing it! We think some of the Tim-Tang-Test player’s quotes sum it up best:

"This test teaches you humility and humbleness. In a good way. Tim Tang, improving the world, one level at a time."

"I got to level 6 or 7 before realizing that my life was slowly melting away. Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into other units of time, space-time was warped, and my dinner was cold. I had a wife before I began the test. Has anyone seen her… whatever her name was?" 

"Ah, no! This will bring my productivity into the negatives!"

"Warning: Continue at your own risk. These mind exercises will leave you frustrated and Facebook-messaging some Canadian guy you don't even know for answers." 

"I cleaned out my locker today and I had more Tim Tang Test notes than all my school notes combined!" 

"The more of this test I take, the more I start to fear Tim Tang. It seems like he would be capable of hacking into all the computers and taking over the world."

By hard, I do not mean random guessing games or hiding something tiny so you have to spend a week finding it with Photoshop. The Tim-Tang-Test requires logical thinking paired up with skills in math, music, science, etc., and of course, a very patient personality. Although you will struggle through each level, once you solve them, you will realize that they each make perfectly logical sense, leaving you with pride and satisfaction.

Look, you have some time to kill before the Grantham University graduation ceremony… use it wisely and play all night. No, it won’t be as irresponsible as drinking all night with your friends, but it will keep you up all night so that you can roll into graduation looking like you partied all night. And isn’t that the point anyway? Just kidding!

Becky & Puki

P.S. If you want to see the Tim Tang Test Hall of Famers, go to


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