Grantham University Commencement Ceremony Videos and advice from Becky

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Grantham University Commencement Ceremony Videos and advice from Becky

Scott and I were not able to make it to the Grantham University Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, so instead of being bummed out about it, we decided to do something productive.

First, both Scott and I want to congratulate all of those that had the opportunity to participate in the commencement ceremony. Our prayer is that for those who earned an Associate's degree, that you will be inspired to further your education and seek a Bachelors. For those who earned a Bachelors degree, we hope that you will aspire to earn a Masters! For those of you who earned a Masters degree, we want to be able to call you when we get stuck in one of our assignments!

If you know Scott (Puki) Lotz, then you know that he doesn't like to be idle. So this weekend, he created 2 videos to commemorate your achievements! Without further ado, here for your entertainment, are Scott's tribute videos:

I'm not as flashy and tech-savvy as Mr. Lotz, so for my part I decided to put together this blog post with some information for those who might be considering Grantham, but need help thinking through some of the considerations. I'm sure you all remember what that was like. For me, it meant a few restless nights, prayer, and talking to my mom!

When it comes to anything in life, you have a goal and know that education is key to getting there. Scott always says, "Plan the work and then work the plan". It makes sense.

So the plan is always to graduate. No one ever decides to go to college just to eventually drop out and fail do they? And what does going to college help with? A better job! At least for me.

I think you are ready to start your college education if  you know that you need a certain degree type in order to get ahead. This could be either financially or in terms of furthering your job prospects and proving you can handle more detailed responsibilities. Just remember that earning a degree requires a lot of serious commitment. Especially if you have a family or other situations in your life that also require a lot of your time and attention. Of course if you have read my blog, you will know I did it as a single mom with 2 young children. I just advise that you make sure you have a clear objective about completing school. Otherwise, you will have a tougher time staying on track to complete your degree.

Also, involve those around you in your decision early on. Once your family is on board with your decision to pursue your education, you will be surprised how much easier life becomes.

You need to understand the time commitment required, and budget your study time. A three-credit college course will require, on average, 10 to 12 hours per week. Be realistic about your schedule and your motivation. A good rule of thumb might be to set aside an hour and a half each evening for your studies, and a few hours each weekend day. As I have said before, my quiet time was usually at 4 am in the morning before my children awoke.

You also need to consider the financial impacts of going to school to earn your degree. Once you have done your research on student financing and know your options. Look at your personal budget and examine how paying for school may affect you and your family over the next few years. Explore all financial assistance options, including scholarships. And think about the payoff from your investment and the potential for increased earnings once you get that degree in your hand!

If you are on active duty as a service member or if you are a veteran, and are familiar with your tuition assistance benefits, you will want to review your benefits and tuition assistance (TA) benefits available to you with your family and significant others. TA funds and veteran education benefits can cover the costs associated with tuition, books, supplies and more for a variety of educational and training programs. It is a smart, cost-effective way to obtain your education and enhance your career advancement opportunities.

If you are a corporate employee, and tuition reimbursement is one of your company benefits, find out the  ins and outs of your company’s tuition reimbursement benefit. Taking advantage of this generous offer is a smart move … and always worthy of serious consideration. Do some checking at your workplace. I found out that at some businesses, tuition assistance is not heavily advertised; although available. If it is offered, find out how much they will pay. Employers are able to provide $5,250 in educational assistance per year tax free. If your employer chooses to offer this benefit, chances are that the amount would cap at the $5,250. Also find out what they cover in addition to tuition and fees; things like textbooks and related course materials. Also, some companies will pay 100% of the costs toward a degree or certification, but only 50% for personal interest courses. This is really important, so make sure to ask!

Typically, employers will insist that your chosen school is accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the United States Department of Education (DOE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Check this out before settling on a university. If you are considering attending Grantham University, Grantham is accredited. Go here to read more:

Your grades. Find out how grades may affect your level of coverage. Employers often require a “C” or better for tuition reimbursement eligibility. Determine whether your employer will pay... up front?, at the start of the semester?, or if you have to come up with money for tuition first?, and then wait for reimbursement after you receive your grades? All of this is really important. You also need to find out about a few other things. A common employer requirement is for your field of study to be relevant to your current or future job. Following degree completion, you usually must remain employed for a certain amount of time by that employer.

I hope this information helps. I am getting sleepy and have to work in the morning, so good night for now.


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Becky works in the health sciences industry and spends most of her professional work day in the research and development laboratory working on applied solutions for health and wellness. Becky is an avant supporter of her alma mater Grantham University. In her free time she writes articles for the Grantham University Fan Club site and volunteers at the local Chicago suburb elementary school where her children attend. Her motto is, “Changing the world, one smile at a time!”