Try Grantham University's New Mobile Website

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Try Grantham University's New Mobile Website
View of the transitional mobile web platform 
for Grantham University. 

When I initially visited the new Grantham University mobile website, I grabbed a screenshot, which looked like this:

Today my good bud DJ Puki Lotz visited the site and noticed an even more improved version! He took this screenshot of the improved mobile site and emailed it to me. The current mobile site looks like this:
Try Grantham University's New Mobile Website
Grantham University's New Mobile Website 
is really slick and easy to use!

So I guess I had grabbed a copy of their transitional mobile platform. Thus the need for this update.

Being curious I decided to poke around some on their new mobile site, as well as GU's primary website. I immediately noticed that Grantham University's primary website had also undergone some great enhancements. I'm sure these improvements will be well received, as they provide visitors with a newer and much cleaner browsing experience.

Users are sure to find the redesigned website to be more efficient and easier to navigate.

Here are some of the upgrades and improvements we found:

Cleaner design: Information is better organized and easier to locate. When you scroll over the site's main categories (Degrees, Tuition, Admissions, Career Services,About Us, Help, Contact Us), they become highlighted in white.

Faster load times: It might just be me, but it seems like both GU's revised website and mobile platform load faster!

Mobile upgrades: So now even "on-the-go" types like me and Puki can access Grantham University via their new mobile website. From your smart phone, the "Degrees" and "Tuition" categories appear at the top, with the rest of the categories available by clicking the "more" button.
Also, there are "Tablet User" upgrades. Users who regularly access from their iPad or other tablet will notice the website specifically caters to those devices.

GLife access: Access to GLife - the GU student portal to access courses, announcements and student account information - remains simple. From the homepage, scroll to the top-right portion of your screen and click on the GLife logo.

GU blog access: If online students can't memorize for access to reading daily posts that assist students on their academic journeys, that's not a problem. An orange GU blog button is located to the left of the GLife button on the home page. One click and you're there! Want to make it even easier to read blog entries? Subscribe via email by navigating to the GU blog homepage and entering your email address on the right side under the section that reads "Subscribe via E-mail."
Social media access: Information about all of our social media channels - how to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube - is available on a centralized page (under the Contact Us tab).

Easier to navigate: We hope after a few minutes of browsing, visitors find the revamped website more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

So remember, Grantham University has a new convenient mobile website for students and prospective students. The address is:

I tried it out from my iPhone 4s, and Puki Lotz said he tried it from his Android. So, if you are using a smartphone, it is perfect! The app scales everything for your smartphone's screen. No more zooming in to read text or find navigation. We both thought it was a vast improvement over the regular web version and even better than the "transitional" mobile version we initially mentioned several weeks ago.

Good work GU!

P.S. Here is a review of Grantham's new mobile website by's TechTalk reporter:


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  1. Is the above report only in Spanish?

  2. I like the new site. It is simple and easy to use. Too many other sites are still not web friendly. Its nice not to have to zoom in to figure out what you are trying to view. This change makes Grantham's site a true utility.